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Lighter in colour and style than I expected. A refined wine with a modest structure, but good varietal character. Energetic and lively when first poured, the colour is brick red with a chestnut hue. The label mentions “time spent on yeast lees” – but the size of the bubbles tells me they are not likely talking about bottle fermentation. All the same it is a gracious example of a Sparkling Red, and I have no qualms about Charmat sparkling wines. 

Rich in flavour, leather, smokiness and blackberries with a sweet oven roasted  red capsicum and cinnamon spice. Sweeter breadth of fruits add a real plumminess sweep over the palate, enhanced by the tantalising bubbles. The firmness of the slight tannins compose the mouth feel and it finishes balanced and dry. A good structured wine but not overly intense, and a nice wine to compliment poultry such as turkey or duck. I served it with Roast portuguese styled chicken and baked winter veg, and this highlighted the intense fruit in the wine.

A good light hearted take on a Sparkling Red and a great example of why we should all break the old world wine rules.

13% al/vol, Cork seal, Ashamedly, I have no idea how this came to be in my collection. On http://www.oliomio.com.au/Stormy_Ridge_Wine.html it is listed as $29 per bottle.

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